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Union in the enterprise group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the union group) was approved by the state administration for industry and commerce of the People's Republic of China to set up, by the sichuan provincial administration for industry and commerce registration, established on March 18, 1999. Group co., LTD. Is the real estate development, construction, project investment, production and processing, domestic and international trade as the main business of the diversified group enterprise. Group company with professional loyalty, rigorous, unity, friendship, guileless, striving, innovation spirit of enterprise as the guiding ideology, always adhere to the people-oriented, good faith for this, quality for the development train of thought, therefore has made gratifying achievements, group size of net assets reached five billion yuan.
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bg真人游戏2018年度员工培训正式启动 2018-06-13
Vanda, modern agriculture in xichang to participate in the workshop 2016-08-10
Natural, healthy, organic purple potato for the group of food industry 2016-08-10
In the union group 38 women's day special events 2016-08-10
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Zhongmeng Enterprise Group Co., Ltd
Enterprise tenet, quality tree brand Nothing great was ever honesty
The spirit of enterprise, dedicated loyalty Simple and precise Solidarity and fraternity, striving, innovation
The style of work - orchestrated Substantial work efficient
Address:Zhongmeng Building,No. 888 Chenglong Avenue ,Chengdu,china